Eric Kohlmann is a deep tech investor and Venture Partner at Arc Ventures. Through Kohlmann & Co, Eric has been an active angel investor in leading technology companies, such as New York-based neuroscience startup CTRL-Labs, which announced its sale to Facebook in October 2019 in one of its largest acquisitions to date.

Eric was Founding Partner and Chief Executive Officer at Trinnacle Capital Management, a quantitative hedge fund, applying AI and machine learning to alternative datasets for algorithmic trading. In 2019, Trinnacle announced the acquisition of its IP in alternative data and machine learning by a large, international hedge fund.

As a classical music enthusiast (and hobby pianist), Eric is a regular at many concert halls and loves discovering new composers, venues and festivals.

Eric holds a Masters in Finance from IE Business School in Madrid and started his academic career at Eton College in the UK, going on to study at ETH Zurich and TU Munich where he successfully completed his Bachelor in Physics. His work focused on studying the electrochemical properties of titanium-oxy-carbide nanotubes in 2011 as a material used in fuel cell membranes.

Eric speaks English, German, Portuguese as well as some French and Japanese. He is married to psychiatrist and neuroscientist Alana Mendelsohn, MD PhD. They have one daughter.